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Brian walked into his fifth Statistics class in three years and
looked around for the best seat for that semester. Not many people were
there, but he took a moment to say Hi to the ones he knew.

Middle left was the best seat. Not in the front, center of
attention, not in the back with greater chances to snooze, and not
right by the windows, with annoying sunlight and cold drafts.

He started to put his books down on a table when he was
interrupted by a delightfully feminine voice.

Ultimate Sexual Surrender

I had left early, so no one had arrived yet. Debbie and I unpacked the
car and carried everything in. The cabin had a slight musky smell from being
closed up for several weeks. There was one big room, a combination of living
room and kitchen, and a smaller room with a big brass double bed. Taking her
suitcase into the bedroom, Debbie mumbled something about “getting ready”. I
worked on the bigger room, checking on the supplies and storing the food and
beer I had brought. I carried in some firewood, for the nights get a little
cool, and set up the fireplace with kindling and wood, ready for the touch of
a match to set it blazing.
I had just finished when a car pulled up. I looked outside and saw John
and Dave getting out. John was a tall, muscular ex-football player, while
Dave was shorter and slightly overweight. They were working the cramps out
of their bodies from the drive up, and were talking and laughing.
Debbie poked her head out of the bedroom and asked who was here.
“John and Dave,” I said.
“Don’t tell them I’m here yet, and don’t let them in here. Yell when
everyone is here and I’ll come out and surprise them. O.K.?”
“You got it, sex slave!” I agreed.

The Sadist punished the poor Badger, forcing her to submit 5 times. With fingers in her pussy most the match, The Badger never had a chance.

Winning Female Fucked The Loser

Sexy and strong Naudia Nyce, aka “Athena,” got a little more then she bargained for from the newcomer Calico. Calico, in her first match, used her strength and limited
skill to get the point lead going into the 3rd round. On the other hand, Athena is just a touch crazed, and from out of nowhere went into a berserk sexual rage that cannot be described in words alone. She dominated RD3 and went on to fuck the poor Kitten almost to tears. We now know that if you lose to Athena, there are serious consequences.

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The last match before the SUMMER VENGEANCE tourney and the Badger finds herself on the outside looking in. She was ranked most of the year but her string of losses have bumped her from the top 16. She has experience, but not enough to overcome her size. She needs this win to have a chance for the Tournament.

The Tsunami is strong and has experience, her one loss to Vendetta showed us she is a force to be reckoned with. Her spot is safe even with a lost this week.

It is do or die for the Badger, can she upset the bigger, stronger Tsunami?