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Brian slid his hands around her back, caressing the length of
her smooth skin. She draped her arms around his shoulders in a natural
motion as her head moved back and her eyes closed. Her right leg began
to move to the outside of his left leg, giving movement to her animal
desires. She moaned again as Brian returned to caressing her breasts.
This intimate embrace was not long lived, however.
“I said, undress me Brian!” She said as she stepped back one
step. Brian paused, shaken by her severe look, but quickly moved to
obey. He grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt and drew it over her
head, releasing her lucious breasts to the cool air of her room. Her
nipples were still hard and erect and she pinched them as she shifted
from leg to leg.

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Tracy popped back out of the last door in the hallway with a
disapproving look. Brian hurried after her.
He entered a bedroom and took a quick glance around. There
were the feminine mainstays (stuffed animals, ruffles on the
bedspread, packed closet), but something disrupted the feminine spell.
Brian couldn’t put his finger on it before she regained his full
“My house, my rules, no exceptions, agreed?” Brian nodded,
“Undress me.” Brian smiled with anticipation. He walked up to
her, feeling his cock slide against the tight material of his slacks.
He caught the under-edge of her sweatshirt and slid his hands
underneath it. Her skin was on fire and he felt her nipples poke out
into his palms as he grasped her breasts. She shuddered and her breath
let out in a long low moan.

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“We’d better save that for later. Nice taste though.” She began
to dress and Brian noticed that she wore no bra under her sweatshirt
and no panties beneath her skirt. Some shoes and her bookbag and she
was ready to go.

Brian nearly forgot his books and jacket, but he knew there
would be no more classes for him tonight. At least, no more
college-accredited classes…

The walk back across campus to Tracy’s apartment was strangely
arousing and calming. A few minutes out of the Athletic Hall and
Brian’s cock sank back enough for him to stop attracting surprised
looks from passersby.
They didn’t talk. Tracy just smiled and licked her lips when
he tried to say anything.
Tracy’s apartment was small, though not unusual for the area.
She dropped her books on the small sofa on top of other clutter and
didn’t lose a step as she headed down the short hallway. Brian
scrambled out of his jacket and left it with his own books, piled
neatly at the foot of the sofa.

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She knelt before him and deftly unzipped his slacks. A quick
movement with his briefs and his cock hung in the air between him, 8
inches of throbbing meat. She opened her mouth and slowly sucked in his
entire length. Brian was almost gasping in pleasure.

She moved her mouth off of his cock and tucked it back into his
briefs. She then stretched his slacks until they closed around the
engorged cock. Brian was caught off-guard. This never happened in any
of the Penthouse Letters.

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Tracy kissed her lips and leaned back.
“I think I’ll just have to wait until the new swim team
roster… cums… out.” The coach was already rubbing her crotch as she
got up to leave, looking as depressed as a guy sent home from an
evening of petting with his girlfriend.
After a few moments, Tracy turned around and walked toward
Brian, her breasts bouncing slightly, her nipples still erect and a
horny smile still on her lips.
“I think you should come home with me, Brian. I need some help
around the house.” She smiled as she ran her hands up and down his

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Brian watched as she eventually got hot enough to forget him
and she started moaning. The coach was stroking her legs as she licked
Tracy’s cunt. It didn’t take long before Tracy began to cry out in
orgasm, her legs opening and closing around her lover’s head.

As the two women cooled down, Brian snuck to the far side of
the locker room and watched from around another row of lockers.

Tracy sat up and they embraced intimately, kissing each other,
sharing Tracy’s pussy juices. The coach leaned back.

“Will you kiss me now?” She certainly didn’t seem like the one
in control of the situation.

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This shocked and intrigued him. He waited until the swimmers
and the coach had all gone to the locker room and he looked around. The
pool room was deserted. He could see the coach in her office, pacing a
bit, shuffling papers in no particular order. Brian decided that he
could survive missing an hour at the Stats office, so he sat there.

After about 15 minutes, the coach left her office to head into
the locker room. Brian tucked his books and jacket into a shadowy
corner of the bleachers and snuck down to the women’s locker room

It is do or die for the Badger, can she upset the bigger, stronger Tsunami?

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The swimming coach walked out right then and called the
practice to order. She was probably about 35 years old and was giving
nothing away about her figure in her loose sweats.

Brian watched the practice and enjoyed the lithe forms knifing
through the water. When it started to wrap up, he realized that he was
15 minutes late to the Stats office. He started to gather his books,
and watched the women exit the pool. The coach called Tracy over as the
rest were leaving.

Brian couldn’t hear what was said, but the length of time that
the coach’s hand laid on Tracy’s firm ass was unmistakeable. Tracy
seemed to nod and walked towards the locker room.

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DTracy was beautiful. She walked like a lioness, her long legs
gliding through the air with visible power. Brian felt his crotch start
to wake up when she turned away from him and adjusted the back of her
one-piece bathing suit. Brian wished he could slip a finger under that

She started joking with some of the swimmers already in the
water about how cold it was, and, of course, one flipped her with
water. She sucked in her breath when the water caught her in the
chest. Brian almost groaned as he saw her nipples harden instantly and
poke at the material. Tracy was embarrassed and folded her arms in front
of her and walked away casually, hoping no one would notice.

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“Brian, could you show me how to get to the athletic hall from
here, I’ve got a practice with the Swim Team in half an hour.” Brian
thanked the Lord and promised not to screw up again.

They walked and talked across the spring-warmed campus. Tracy
was a Computer Science student in her fourth year, and was trying to
make the cut on the swim-team. She was rooming off campus with Emily, a
very close friend. Brian tried to charm her with wit and didn’t do too
badly. He dropped her off at the athletic hall and then snuck in to
watch the practice.

Brian waited for about 20 minutes before some of the women
began to come out for warm-ups. He hadn’t realized what nice figures
swimming could give to a woman. Then he spotted Tracy. She was grouped
with a couple others and they appeared to be the ones hoping to try out
for the team.

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“Sure, no problem.” He moved out of the seat and waited for her
to sit down. Then he took the seat next to her.

“I’ve never seen you in the statistics department. Are you new
to the university?” She smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I just transferred last month. I’m Tracy.” Brian returned
the introduction.

“And if you need any help navigating this campus, just let me
know. I work a couple hours a week in the Statistics & Math Office.

Brian’s effort was cut short by the start of class and neither
one of them had the chance to chit-chat during the lecture. Brian left
her with a see-you-tomorrow and kicked himself as she smiled and walked
down the hall. With these things, sometimes you had to strike while the
iron was hot and he had just dropped it sooner than he wanted to. That
is until she tapped him on the shoulder.

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“Oooh, darn, I was hoping to get the wall seat. Could we
switch?” Brian looked up and drank in the person addressing him. He had
never seen her before and he knew he would have remembered someone that

She was tall, close Brian’s 5’10”, and slender. She wore a
Swimming Team sweatshirt that explained her well toned legs and defined
her breasts to be large enough to get Brian’s fingers itching. Her hair
was light brown and her eyes a pale green. A little makeup for the
proper illusions and Brian felt like he was looking at a goddess.

Statistics does train the mind to think well, and Brian was
able to absorb all those thoughts without staring gape-mouthed at her.

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Brian walked into his fifth Statistics class in three years and
looked around for the best seat for that semester. Not many people were
there, but he took a moment to say Hi to the ones he knew.

Middle left was the best seat. Not in the front, center of
attention, not in the back with greater chances to snooze, and not
right by the windows, with annoying sunlight and cold drafts.

He started to put his books down on a table when he was
interrupted by a delightfully feminine voice.

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Connie arched to allow me better access to her throbbing cunt and I lunged
into it licking, chewing and sucking like I’d never be satisfied. I didn’t
know it could be this pleasurable, the taste and feel of another woman’s body,
so I sucked her harder and harder, finally bringing that pussy off to a creamy

In the hours that followed, Connie made love to me and showed me another
whole side of my sexual self. No longer would I be strictly a man’s woman,
I remember thinking to myself, and that’s how it is to this day.

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Pushing her back and pulling her legs wide apart, I began to feed hungrily at
her pink gash. I’d never eaten pussy before, but I loved it, especially the
way her excitement drooled out to cover my nose. Her clit was marvelously
meaty and I chewed it gently between my teeth all the while fingering her
juicing hole.

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I opened my legs wider in response and felt her finger creep under the elastic
band on my panties. She probed about carefully at first, getting the lay of
my moist cunt, and then she stuffed her fingers deep in my wet hole.

She kept fingering me until our lips met across one another’s and we fell into
a hot embrace on the couch. I never felt so inflamed and hot before and
suddenly I wanted to eat her!